4 Things You Need on Your Photography Website

4 Things You Need to Make Sure You Have On Your Website and Social Media

When was the last time you checked the about page on your photography website, Facebook page, Instagram, etc? As we wrap up holiday deadlines and the end of busy season is in sight, this is an amazing time to run through your online platforms to make sure everything is up to date and easy for your potential leads to find. After doing a little searching of our own, here are the four website etiquettes we compiled that every photographer should check they have:


A lot of times, your clients are going to be local to you. However, the internet world is small and connects people from all over. If you have a potential lead that is from out of town who wants to book you (whether its to travel to them or while they come into your town) make sure that you have your town and state listed. Whether that’s in the about section, contact page, footer of your website… wherever! Make sure it’s easy for clients to find where you’re based.

Contact Information

While most photographers are protective of their numbers and emails, it’s really important for potential clients to have a way to reach you if needed (other than a contact form). How many times have you visited a web site and become frustrated when you don’t have a way to contact a person or have to dig through their website to find it? If you are hesitant to put your number on your website, be sure to have a direct email address listed that someone can use to contact you. Include this on your about, contact, and/or footer of your website. Also make sure your contact form is easily accessible, which means making sure it’s clickable on from a mobile device.

A Photo of You

Clients want to connect with you and know who you are. What better way than by adding in a photo of yourself? This will also make it easy to recognize you before a consultation. Make sure you have this on your about page whether that’s a classic headshot, one of you in action, or a laid back photo of you with your family, significant other, dog, etc. Choose one that represents you and your brand.

Social Media

Our social media pages sometimes get setup and forgot when it comes to our about pages. Make sure that everything is up to date, especially the three things listed here, on your Facebook Business Page, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Double check that all links are still working. AND make sure that on your personal Facebook page, if you are someone who has privacy settings, we suggest making sure that you make your workplace (Facebook Business Page) and website public. That way if someone searches your name and they stumble across your profile, they will be able to click over to your business page or website easily.

What are some “must-haves” that you think people need to have for their photography website and social media pages? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear form you!


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