Top Workflow Tips for Photographers

If you’re new to running a photography business, or are making the move from hobbyist to professional – you probably have a few questions about the proper steps from start to finish with your clients. Sure – some tasks are a given (i.e. culling and editing the images); but others are just as important but so many aren’t doing them.

Here are the absolute MUST have steps every photographer should have in their workflows.

Workflow Management with Iris Works

Send a Prep Guide

Sending some basic tips and instructions to your clients before their session can make everything run smoother.

“Sending my prep guide to my clients saves me time behind the computer answering emails, and it also helps cut down on any confusion or pre-session concerns my client may have. I use Iris to automatically send my welcome email and prep guide, along with my client questionnaire. This guarantees my clients receive the appropriate information in a timely manner and gives me a great tool to reference prior to my client’s session.” – Sarah-Beth Photography

Send an Invoice

Take the awkwardness out of asking for money by sending a professional invoice once the session is booked. Make it clear when payment is due by setting a due date and following up for payment prior to arriving at the session.

“You know that awkward moment when all the work is done, your clients have seen and gushed over their photos, but you just feel, well….uncomfortable feeling asking them for money? Sending invoices has been the best decision I made for my business – it’s professional, pretty, and I get paid right away without having to feel awkward!” – Emily Lucarz Photography

Post Session Follow Up

Send a thank you note or email one to two days after the session. Thank the client for choosing you to work with, and explain the next steps in the process (i.e. when they can expect their images). Setting clear expectations up front will make for satisfied clients!

“In our workflow, we include a follow-up with our clients after each shoot for a few important reasons:  1) to set expectations about timeframe and delivery of images, 2) to congratulate them (if newlyweds) or to say how much we enjoyed spending time with them (if a portrait shoot), and 3) to insure we met their expectations. With this a survey is attached that gives them a chance to provide their candid feedback.” – Tiffany Stoner of Nathaniel Edmunds Photography

Post Delivery Check In

Check in a few weeks after delivery of the images: Checking in a few weeks post-session is a great way to ensure your clients are happy and will come back in the future. Just asking if they’re happy and if they need anything else is great customer service that will help you retain clients long term.

Comment below with your tips and tricks to having a great workflow!



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