What is a pod and is joining one right for you

Let’s take a moment and talk about pods. And no – we aren’t talking about podcasts.

Have you ever been asked to join a photography or creative pod? Never heard of these before? A pod is a small group of photographers or creatives (videographers, make up artists, hair stylists, etc) that come together and agree to like and comment on each other’s social media posts in an attempt to get their posts seen in other peoples’ feeds. It may also be called an engagement group. 

Instagram and Facebook have algorithms in place that can make it challenging to get your posts seen. This is why some people decide to start or join these groups, hoping that they can work around some of those algorithms. The idea is that if your post is getting reactions and comments then your post is getting engagement and then would be more likely to show up other feeds. 

How to join a pod

You can search Facebook for existing pods and see if any are allowing new people to join.  The groups will be private so you’ll need to request to join. You can also find pods that are looking for members on Reddit. Instagram pods can be a little harder to find since they’re secretive. You can also ask other people if they know of any groups to join. Some people decide to start their own pods with other local photographers or creatives.

How it works

Members of the pod will agree on how often to share a link to their posts. All members will be required to comment on someone’s shared post within a certain amount of time. It works best when you’re leaving meaningful comments and engaging in the post topic. If you join one of these groups, you’ll want to make sure you’re able to keep your commitment to sharing content and commenting on other’s posts. 

Does it really help? 

There are mixed reviews out there on whether using a pod will help increase your reach and engagement. Some have found their reach for a post increases and others have found it stays about the same regardless. If you’re new to the industry, joining a pod could help you connect with and build an audience. 

Engagement groups can offer other benefits too outside of improving your social media insights. It helps promote a sense of community. Even if commenting on someone’s post doesn’t make a huge difference in their numbers, you’re able to show them support. Joining a pod can also help you see new content and meet new people in your industry.

Have you joined a pod? Tell us if you have found pods to be helpful for your social media insights!



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