Top 5 Reasons to Use a Photography Contract

If you are just starting out with setting up your photography business, then you may be wondering what are some of the first things to check off your list. Having a photography contract in place should definitely be high on your list of priorities as you are starting out. It’s important to have a safeguard in place for your business and clients. Here are our top 5 reasons why you should be using a photography contract – whether you are new to the business or have been around for a while.

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1. Protection

A photography contract serves as your written evidence of a professional relationship. Having a contract in place will help ensure that both parties, the photographer and client,  are protected in the event something goes wrong. Review your contract and ensure that it has clauses in place that protect you and your clients against cancellations, unforseable events preventing the session from happening, lost images, damage to equipment during a wedding/event, etc. You never know what might happen and you’ll want to make sure you have a good safety net in place.

2. Accountability

Your contract is a good document to help hold you and your clients accountable. This is a professional relationship with expectations in place for payments, due dates, services rendered, etc. Having the contract in place helps make sure clients are paying you timely and you are providing the services as detailed in the time frame you have outlined.

3. Expectations

Ever get those clients who ask you several times after the session when to expect their images to be ready? Your contract can be a good starting point to set clear expectations for your clients on several matters. It also serves as a good reference point for your clients to refer to when questions arise. Some important information to include would be: image delivery time frame, payment due dates, additional fees, and copyright.

4. Professionalism

Many professional services use contracts and professional photographers are no exception. Having a photography contract in place will help you exude professionalism and help clients trust you. Even if your friends or family are booking a session with you, it good practice to still have them sign a contract and ease any awkward conversations.

5. Remedy Issues

While it may not happen often, there will be times that you run into some issues with the client. Whether the client has a late payment or doesn’t show up for a session – these things can happen and sometimes having the conversation with your client can be hard. Having a contract in place with your clients, you can easily handle those tough conversations by referring back to your contract.

Photography Contract Resources

Iris now offers free photography templates for general portrait photography and newborn photography for our trial users and subscribers. You can easily send out a contract to your client and have them sign it. Incorporate them into your workflow for automation or attach it to a booking calendar so your clients can sign the contract right at booking their session.

If you are in need of other contracts, we recommended checking out the contracts offered at The LawTog. You can find a contract for almost everything you need there and can create a template in Iris with the contract.

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