How to best handle Spring changes in weather for successful shoots starting with LOCATIONS

Spring is here and it is time to scout locations for photoshoots. Have you ever spent the day driving around looking for new locations to shoot? How do you keep track of those locations? Do you have a place to store them? Can you easily share them with clients?  Iris Works makes scouting locations easier and more efficient.  In this week’s blog, we will learn about scouting locations and how to store them in Iris.




Iris Works makes it easy to track your favorite locations. Open the locations manager in Iris and drop a pin on the location. From there you can add notes like where you want them to park or where to meet you once they are there. Then add a photo so they can see what the location looks like. Your Iris account will save these locations on your map so you can easily see and share them. You can also see locations other photographers have chosen to share. That is a super nice feature if you are visiting a place you have never been and need some ideas for where to shoot.

Sharing Locations

Are you ready to start scouting locations?  Try a free trial with Iris.



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