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Family Workflow – $50

by Brooke Jefferson, Brooke Janae Photography

Brooke Jefferson is a photographer, marketing strategist, and mentor, who thrives on helping photographers book more clients through marketing their businesses on social media and building relationships with their local communities. Her focus is helping others maximize their potential by creating a profitable, sustainable, and most importantly, a fulfilling photography business. She’s built a 6-figure photography business that was born from a new found passion in 2014. Her podcast, Book More Clients Photography podcast averages 900 listeners per episode and has over 80,000 downloads. She also has a photographer community on Facebook with over 6,000 members.


This package includes Brooke’s full family workflow. Included in the package:

  • 6 email templates
  • 1 questionnaires
  • Brooke’s entire process from start to finish for her family clients