Iris Works Feature: Scout Location

Scout Location allows for you to share locations!

Introducing an exciting new feature: the Scout Location Feature!

With this innovative tool, you can now effortlessly send your saved locations directly to your clients, fostering collaboration and enhancing their session experience. Gone are the days of trying to explain directions or relying on verbal descriptions alone. The Scout Feature enables you to share not only detailed directions but also captivating location photos, giving your clients a visual preview of what to expect. This collaborative approach empowers your clients to actively participate in the selection of their session location, ensuring that their vision aligns seamlessly with your creative expertise.

By utilizing the Scout Feature, you establish a deeper connection with your clients, enhancing trust and satisfaction. Embrace this powerful tool and elevate the planning process, creating a seamless and collaborative photography experience. Your clients will appreciate the added convenience and the opportunity to actively contribute to the session’s success. Say goodbye to confusion and miscommunication and welcome the ease and efficiency of the Scout Feature.


Need More?

If you’re eager to delve deeper into the topic of scouting locations and discover more insights on its importance in the photography process, I highly recommend checking out the blog post titled “The Importance of Scouting Locations” on our site. This informative blog provides valuable tips and guidance on how to effectively scout locations for your photography sessions. It explores the benefits of pre-planning, such as saving time and ensuring a smooth workflow on the day of the shoot. The article also delves into the significance of collaborating with clients during the location selection process. Fostering a sense of partnership and enhancing the overall experience.

Additionally, the blog post highlights the Scout Feature, a powerful tool that enables photographers to effortlessly share saved locations with clients. By visiting the Iris Works blog, you can gain further knowledge and practical advice on scouting locations. So, if you’re ready to enhance your location scouting skills and discover the true value it brings to your photography, be sure to explore the “Importance of Scouting Locations” blog post.  Thanks for checking out our blog on Scout Location!



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