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Are you ready to meet the person behind Bobbi Photo? If you’ve spent any time with Bobbi Sheridan, whether in real life or through the magic of her social media feeds (IG: @bobbiphoto), you know that you’re unabashedly getting the real deal. All. The. Time.

Her infectious personality is one of the many reasons that her clients are obsessed—and we mean OB-sessed—with her. But it’s her brilliant and unique photography that makes her one of the most sought-out photographers we know.

In her own words: “I’m a music-loving, dog-obsessed photographer who shoots weddings and families all over the world. I laugh loudly, I’m a little quirky, I’m passionate and I’m damn good at my job!’

When did she start?

Since she first picked up a camera in 2005, Bobbi has photographed over 300 weddings in 28 states and six countries. She’s photographed more families that she can count. She’s won awards, been shouted-out in books and been featured on countless websites. But her true love is her clients.

The gift of capturing relationships is what motivates her. And if you ask her clients why they love her, it’s almost certainly because Bobbi makes them feel like they are her best friends. And really, they are. It’s the connection that you get with her that makes working with her (and her main gal, Megan) the real deal.

Bobbi’s Workshops

Photographers travel from far and wide to drink in the Bobbi knowledge at her Bobbi Photo Workshops. And they’re coming back strong in 2019 in her new hometown of Louisville! If you’re interested in attending (and why wouldn’t you be?), you can learn more and get on the mailing list HERE.

Why does Bobbi Photo use Iris?

If you ask Bobbi why she uses Iris Works, it’s right in line with that connection. “Iris Works makes it easy for me to give my clients the best experience possible. While I am connecting with them on a personal level, I know that Iris is taking care of the logistics. It allows me to always be in the know about what we’re doing, what they’re about and how I can make their experience amazing!”

So, be like Bobbi. If you haven’t started your free trial of Iris Works, today is the day. You’ll have your clients swooning over you in no time flat. We’re here to help you get up and running and on your way to a happier and more successful business.



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