How to leverage great location scouting for an epic session.

“Where should we do the session?”  It’s the question you regularly get from your clients, and lately you’re feeling uninspired by your “go-to” spots. It’s easy to fall into a routine with your photo sessions, especially when what you’ve been doing works. However, if you’re wanting to liven up your locations, a day of location scouting can be exactly what you need to shake things up. Check out this blog on the importance of location scouting.

Show them you’re the expert.

Clients almost never know where to go for their session. Even if they have a general idea they won’t know the best spots for light (one word: gazebos). They rely on your knowledge and expertise to give them direction. This is exactly why you should always be location scouting for new great areas to shoot at.

Focus on good light.

Your main focus should be on the type of light, or the variations of light, at certain times of the day when you would be shooting. We know as photographers that even the most picture perfect spots will look terrible if it doesn’t have great light. So be looking for the style of light you prefer to use. 

Scout it out.

Spend a few days going to potential areas and walk around! Keep an eye open while you’re out on date nights, family outings. See if there’s a new backdrop that would work for a session. Look for places with unique textures or lines that can be used to create interest in your image. 

Ask around.

Chat with local business owners, friends and family to find locations that are private/semi-private for your session. Orchards, farms, greenhouses, nursery gardens, book stores, coffee shops are always great options. Many business owners will gladly let you come in if you ask first, be respectful of their property, and support their businesses.

Get organized.

Locations are easy to manage with a system like Iris. Whether you’re making a list of your favorites or including them when you set up a new event. You’ll be set up in a few clicks. Once your location has been added, you have the ability to add the address of the location. Then you can add in your notes, and upload an image.

You can even take it to the next level by automating an email to go out X number of days before the session. The location will be sent to your client and they can simply click the link to get directions directly on their phone. It’s also a good way to include parking information and remind them of your mobile number so that your clients can easily reach you!

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