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How to create an amazing experience for your customers with Studio K Squared

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One of the greatest things about my photography business are the clients I meet.  I think building a relationship with your clients is the best thing you can do for your business. Sure, there are always going to be clients that jump around from one photographer to the next, or those that go looking for someone cheaper, and that’s OK! It’s hard sometimes to see those clients leave, but the ones that truly value you as a person and a photographer will keep coming back if you have build that relationship.

Some of my clients have been with me since their weddings YEARS ago. We quickly hit it off and become friends. They are the ones I contact with new ideas I want to try, or I email them an outfit that would be PERFECT for their next session.  They stuck with me when I first started so I try to make sure they always know that I appreciate them!

How do you start that relationship? Get to know them! Make them feel comfortable and at ease during the session! Moms & Dads are usually stressed about everyone behaving, I always try to put them at ease and tell them not to worry. The images are better if the kids are being themselves! It’s the NON perfect moments that make the session great! I prefer the more natural candid moments any day over the perfectly posed ones anyway!

Studio Management Software, Client Experience, Family Shoot, Pond, Studio K Squared

As for the kids, get down on their level. Take a moment to talk to them and put them at ease! They likely have a treat at stake for doing good, and that sometimes makes them show off their fake smile. Let them know it’s ok to be a little silly.  What about the child that wants nothing to do with you, or just wants to cling to Mom or Dad? Don’t force it! Give them time to check out their surroundings, have them play with their parents for a bit (a great time to catch some candid moments), or simply get a few shots of them with snuggled up with the parents. Then, just play peek a book, be silly, ask them to let you know if a bird lands on your head….anything to help show them that this is meant to be fun.  Don’t be afraid to make a fool out of yourself.  Sometimes it takes stepping away from the parents for some 1:1 time with the child, but again, don’t force it if they are nervous being out of their site. A session will go so much better when everyone is at ease & having fun. A photography session shouldn’t be stiff and serious, if you can get the family to feel comfortable with you, it will show in your images.

Studio Management Software, Client Experience, Family Shoot, Mom and Daughter, Studio K Squared

After the session, take the time to tell them thank you! If they are long time clients (or even if they aren’t!) send them a little thank you gift after the session or at the holiday time.  Then, keep in touch with them throughout the year. Most of my long time clients have become great friends. I can attribute the success of my business to a small handful of loyal clients that have been with me since starting out. They not only stuck with me but also have referred me on to their friends, who have now become great clients and friends.  They become important in my life, and I ADORE the kids that grow up in front of my camera! There is no greater honor to be trusted to document a child’s life.

Building a relationship with a client is not only important for your business, it also makes your photography better! They are comfortable with you, and it will show in your work. Building a business will always include gaining new clients, but don’t forget about the ones you already have in the process. They are the most important, so make sure they know that. Now, I’m off to go thank some of those clients!

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About Kristy:

My name is Kristy Honkomp, owner of Studio K Squared. I graduated with an Art Degree from UNI, specializing in photography & graphic design. I married my high school sweetheart, and we are busy raising three crazy boys (Hudson/11, Cohen/9, Jasper/6).  I started out only shooting weddings part time with my good friend Katy, but families and newborns quickly became my true love. I stayed very part time while my kids were little and got busier as they got older. Now, I’m trying to pretend I’ve got the juggling act of kids, career, and family all figured out. I am blessed to have a job that I absolutely LOVE, clients I adore, and a family I would do anything for. One of the best feelings in the world is cuddling a newborn or making a little one giggle, and am really not joking when I ask my little clients if they want to come home with me!

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