3 Key Steps to In-Person Sales

The dreaded three words that make photographers cringe – in-person sales. Less than 5 years ago, those words didn’t mean much in the photography industry. Digital sales were the way of the world for many photographers. Gallery sites helped photographers make a little post-session cash, without having to do a thing. 

That’s still the case for many photographers. But a shift has happened, and many photographers are now focusing on in-person sales, or IPS.

IPS is quickly taking over how photographers do business, and many of them are doing it incredibly well. We recently invited Chris Scott, from Swift Galleries, to our Facebook private user group to teach us all about how to effectively make IPS work for your studio.

Here are a few key take-aways from Chris.

  1. Set clear expectations. Your pricing should be clearly outlined on your website. Not just on your pricing page, but also on your Contact page. You don’t need to include the entire menu of products – but give them something to hold on to.
  2. Tell them the process. Make sure you are clearly, and simply, explaining the process. Many new clients have likely not experienced an in-person sales session with a photographer. Tell them what to expect!
  3. Products, products everywhere. Show them what they’ll be getting! On your website, on your blog, and on social media. Use Swift Galleries to create examples to showcase on your website and blog. Even if you are just getting started, this will help you attract the right clients. You want to be ‘in their face’, so to speak, when it comes to showing your products.

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