10 Creative Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

10 Creative Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

Is your client expecting a little bundle of joy? Capturing the beauty and joy of pregnancy through maternity photos is a popular trend among soon-to-be moms. If you’re looking for some creative maternity photo shoot ideas to make your client’s maternity photo shoot truly special, we’ve got you covered. From outdoor nature settings to fun and playful themes, this blog post will explore 10 unique concepts that are sure to result in stunning images. After getting an idea of their dream session using your client questionnaire, you can explore some ideas to make their session amazing. Whether you’re going for a classic studio shoot or an adventurous destination session, these maternity photo shoot ideas will help showcase your client’s pregnancy journey in the most beautiful way possible.

1. Outdoor Nature Setting

Immerse your client in nature’s tranquility and create stunning maternity photographs that celebrate life amidst lush greenery and natural serenity.


Capture the beauty of motherhood against the stunning backdrop of a beach. The serene ocean waves and soft sandy shores create a perfect setting for intimate maternity photoshoots. Embrace the natural elements by incorporating flowing fabrics, delicate flower crowns, and barefoot strolls along the shoreline.


Capture the enchanting beauty of nature with a maternity photo shoot in the forest. Here are some creative ideas to make a photoshoot truly memorable:

  • Sunlit Clearings: Find a spot where sunlight filters through the trees, creating a magical ambiance.
  • Flower Crowns: Adorn your client with delicate flower crowns made from wildflowers found in the forest.
  • Nature’s Embrace: Pose against majestic tree trunks or lean on gnarled branches for a unique and ethereal look.
Flower field

Capture the beauty of blooming motherhood amidst a picturesque flower field. Embrace nature’s vibrant colors and delicate petals as the backdrop for your maternity photoshoot.

Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas with a stunning flower field:

  • Enchanting sunflower fields
  • Serene lavender fields
  • Dreamy cherry blossom trees
  • Whimsical wildflower meadows

2. Classic Studio Shoots

Capture timeless beauty with classic studio maternity shoots. Create stunning black and white silhouettes, highlighting the natural curves of the expectant mother’s body. Opt for a minimalist white background to bring focus to the glowing mom-to-be and her growing belly. For a touch of nostalgia, go for vintage-inspired themes that evoke a sense of elegance and grace.

Black and white silhouette

Capture the beauty of motherhood with a stunning black and white silhouette. This classic technique highlights the curves and contours of the pregnant belly, creating an elegant and timeless image that will be cherished for years to come.

For a minimalist look, opt for a clean white background to create a simple yet striking composition. The focus remains on the expectant mother and her growing baby bump, allowing their connection to shine through without any distractions.

Minimalist white background

Capture the essence of motherhood with a minimalist white background. Certainly a timeless maternity photo shoot idea! This clean and simple backdrop allows the focus to be on the beauty of the expectant mother, highlighting her pregnancy glow and showcasing her maternal instincts in a pure and timeless way. With minimal distractions, this style creates elegant and understated maternity photos that will stand the test of time.

A minimalist white background provides a blank canvas for creativity during your maternity photo shoot. Experiment with different poses, angles, and lighting techniques to create stunning compositions that emphasize the natural curves of your body. The simplicity of this backdrop allows you to truly shine as the star of the photoshoot, while symbolizing new beginnings and purity.


Vintage-inspired maternity photo shoots capture the timeless beauty of motherhood. Embrace a bygone era with flowing lace gowns, delicate floral crowns, and antique props that add a touch of nostalgia to your images. Incorporate vintage elements like sepia tones and film grain effects to transport your photos back in time for a truly enchanting experience.

3. Creative Prop Ideas

Balloons and confetti instantly add a touch of whimsy to your maternity photo shoot. Whether it’s a single balloon or an entire bouquet, they create a joyful atmosphere. Incorporating baby clothes and accessories into your shoot can be both sentimental and adorable. From tiny booties to cute onesies, these props help emphasize the anticipation of welcoming the little one. Opting for a painted belly allows you to transform the mother-to-be’s baby bump into a canvas for creativity. Whether you go for intricate designs or simple motifs, it adds an artistic flair to your photoshoot while celebrating the beauty of pregnancy.

Balloons and confetti

Balloons and confetti add a whimsical touch to any maternity photo shoot. Capture the joy and anticipation of motherhood with colorful balloons floating around you, creating a playful atmosphere. If you have a sibling participating in the session, they can hold a balloon that announces they baby’s gender or says “big sister” or “big brother” to announce the news of the growing family. Confetti can be thrown in the air or gently sprinkled over the expecting mother’s bump for a fun and celebratory effect.

Baby clothes and accessories

Capture the joy and anticipation of pregnancy with adorable baby clothes and accessories in your maternity photo shoot. These tiny garments add a touch of sweetness to your photos, making them even more memorable. Consider incorporating some of these items into your session:

  • Onesies with cute slogans or patterns
  • Tiny socks and shoes
  • Soft blankets for wrapping the belly or swaddling

Accessories can also enhance the overall look:

  • Headbands or bows for a girl
  • Knitted hats for a boy
  • Adorable props like mini wooden blocks or stuffed animals

These small details will bring out the charm and cuteness factor in your maternity photos, creating lasting memories of this special time.

Painted belly

One unique and eye-catching idea for a maternity photo shoot is to paint the belly with vibrant colors. This artistic approach adds a playful touch and allows you to incorporate your client’s personal style into the photos. Whether you opt for abstract designs, floral patterns, or even whimsical characters, a painted belly will create stunning visual imagery that captures this special time in a mother-to-be’s life.

Another option under the ‘Painted Belly’ theme is to use body paint to showcase a specific theme or concept. From nature-inspired landscapes to fantasy worlds, you can transform a baby bump into a canvas of imagination. The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating an unforgettable and visually striking maternity photo shoot using body paint on the expecting mother’s belly.

4. Indoor Lifestyle Shoots

Capture the intimate moments in a beautifully decorated bedroom setup, using soft lighting and delicate props to create an ethereal ambiance. Embrace comfort and warmth by showcasing the expecting mother’s glow amidst cozy blankets and plush pillows in a serene living room setting.

Transform your client’s kitchen into a captivating backdrop for a baking session, accentuating their joy as they prepare sweet treats for their little one. The combination of natural light streaming through windows and flour dusted countertops adds an element of pure bliss to these heartwarming images. Here are some ways to incorporate lifestyle vibes for your maternity photo shoot ideas:

Bedroom setup

Create a serene and intimate atmosphere for your maternity photo shoot by choosing soft, neutral colors for the bedding and decor. Use diffused lighting to add a warm glow and strategically place pillows and blankets for added comfort and visual interest

Cozy living room

Capture the beauty of your client’s pregnancy in a relaxed setting by staging your photo shoot in your cozy living room. Arrange plush cushions and throws on the couch, incorporate natural elements like potted plants or flowers, and use natural light streaming through windows to create stunning images that showcase both your client’s pregnancy journey and the warmth of home.

Create a warm and inviting atmosphere for a maternity photo shoot with these cozy living room ideas:

  • Soft lighting: Use dimmable lamps or fairy lights to create a soft, flattering glow.
  • Comfy textures: Incorporate plush blankets, cushions, and rugs to add warmth and comfort.
  • Personal touches: Display meaningful items such as baby clothes or ultrasound photos to personalize the space.
Kitchen baking session

Capture the joy and anticipation of motherhood by incorporating a kitchen baking session as a maternity photo shoot idea. Show off your client’s culinary skills as they mix, knead, and decorate delicious treats like cookies or cupcakes. The warmth of the oven and the aroma of freshly baked goods will add a cozy touch to your photos, creating sweet memories that reflect both your client’s love for cooking and the imminent arrival of their little one.

5. Cultural and Ethnic Celebrations

Traditional attire has a significant role in cultural and ethnic celebrations. Incorporating traditional garments into maternity photo shoots can add richness and authenticity to the images, capturing the expectant mother’s heritage and culture. From vibrant saris to elegant hanboks, traditional attire allows for stunning visuals that reflect both personal style and cultural pride.

Symbolic props can also enhance the meaning behind maternity photo shoots during cultural and ethnic celebrations. By including items such as heirlooms, religious symbols, or objects of cultural significance, these props become powerful storytelling elements in the photoshoots. The symbolism adds depth to the images while celebrating traditions passed down through generations, creating timeless memories for both families and future generations to cherish.

Traditional attire

Traditional Attire: Embrace the beauty and elegance of cultural heritage by incorporating traditional attire into your maternity photo shoot. Whether it’s a vibrant saree, an intricately embroidered kimono, or a stunning African print dress, traditional clothing adds richness and depth to your photos. The vivid colors and unique patterns will make you stand out while celebrating your roots and creating timeless memories.

Symbolic props

Symbolic props can add depth and meaning to your maternity photo shoot. Consider incorporating items such as baby shoes or a tiny onesie, representing the arrival of your little one. Additionally, using flowers or nature-inspired elements can symbolize growth, beauty, and the nurturing aspects of motherhood. These props not only enhance the visual appeal of your photos but also capture the sentimental significance of this special time in your life.

When planning a maternity shoot, think about your client using personal objects that hold symbolic value to them and their partner. For instance, including meaningful heirlooms like a cherished family quilt or an antique toy can evoke a sense of heritage and tradition. By incorporating these symbolic props into your photoshoot creatively and thoughtfully, you’ll create images that beautifully tell the story of this unique moment in time.

6. Creative Pregnancy Announcement

Capture the excitement of your pregnancy with a creative maternity photo shoot. Use a chalkboard sign to write a heartfelt message, such as “Our little miracle arriving soon,” and hold it in front of the baby bump for an adorable announcement photo. Another idea is to customize t-shirts with clever phrases like “Mommy-to-be” and “Daddy-in-training,” showing off a growing family in style. For a more subtle approach, place tiny baby shoes next to the sonogram image, symbolizing the precious bundle of joy on the way. These unique maternity photo shoot ideas will make for memorable pregnancy announcements that you can cherish forever.

Chalkboard sign

Incorporating a chalkboard sign into your maternity photo shoot adds a personal touch and allows you to share important information or milestones. Consider these ideas for your chalkboard:

  • Write the baby’s due date in colorful, eye-catching letters.
  • Include fun facts about the pregnancy, such as cravings, baby’s size, or special moments.
  • Use the chalkboard to announce the gender of your baby with creative wording or symbols.
Customized T-shirts

Capture timeless memories with custom-designed T-shirts for your maternity photo shoot. Personalize shirts with meaningful quotes, baby names, or cute graphics that reflect the journey to motherhood. Coordinate colors and styles to create a cohesive and stylish look that will make your photos truly memorable.

Celebrate the arrival of the client’s little one by them wearing matching customized T-shirts during your maternity photo shoot. Whether you choose to display the baby’s gender, due date, or simply embrace the joyous anticipation of becoming parents, personalized shirts add a unique touch to commemorate this special time in their lives. Let these customized garments be a testament to the love and excitement surrounding the upcoming addition to your family.

Baby shoes and sonogram

Capture the anticipation and joy of pregnancy with a heartwarming photo featuring baby shoes and a sonogram. This simple yet powerful image symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter in your life, showcasing the tiny shoes that will soon be filled by your little one. It’s a beautiful way to celebrate the love and excitement you feel as you await their arrival.

Pairing baby shoes with a sonogram adds an extra layer of meaning to your maternity photoshoot. The sonogram represents the first glimpse of your growing baby, while the adorable pair of shoes represents all the dreams and hopes your client has for them. Together, they create an endearing image that will melt hearts for years to come. Don’t miss out on this sentimental addition to your maternity photoshoot ideas list!

melody coarsey

7. Destination Maternity Shoots

Tropical beach locations offer a captivating backdrop for maternity photo shoots. The serene blue waters and golden sand create a stunning contrast against the expectant mother’s glowing skin, resulting in breathtaking images that evoke a sense of tranquility and anticipation.

Historical landmarks provide an enchanting setting for capturing the beauty of pregnancy. The timeless architecture and rich cultural heritage add depth and elegance to maternity photos, creating truly memorable moments that celebrate both the miracle of life and our connection to history.

Mountainous landscapes offer a picturesque backdrop for showcasing the strength and resilience of expectant mothers. The majestic peaks, lush greenery, and cascading waterfalls provide a striking contrast against the pregnant form, highlighting both the delicate nature of life and its ability to thrive in challenging environments.

Tropical beach location

Capture the beauty of motherhood against a stunning tropical backdrop. Embrace the natural elements and vibrant colors of a beach setting.

Key features:

  • Soft sand
  • Crystal-clear turquoise waters
  • Palm trees swaying in the breeze

Potential shots:

  • Mother-to-be gazing out at the ocean, showcasing her growing bump
  • Silhouette shot during sunset, with waves crashing in the background
  • Maternity photo session on a hammock under palm trees
Historical landmarks

Capture the beauty of motherhood amidst iconic historical landmarks. These locations provide a stunning backdrop for your maternity photo shoot, adding a touch of elegance and grandeur to your images. Consider these breathtaking historical landmarks:

  • The Colosseum in Rome:
    Stand strong like this ancient amphitheater as you showcase the strength and grace of motherhood.
  • The Eiffel Tower in Paris:
    Embrace the romance and charm of Paris while highlighting the anticipation and joy of becoming a parent.
  • Machu Picchu in Peru:
    Symbolize the journey into parenthood with this ancient Incan city, nestled high among majestic mountains.

Let history become part of your story as you celebrate this precious moment in time.

Mountainous landscapes

With their majestic peaks and rugged terrain, mountainous landscapes provide a captivating backdrop for maternity photo shoots. The towering mountains create a sense of awe and wonder, symbolizing the strength and resilience of motherhood. Whether it’s capturing the expectant mother against a dramatic range or embracing her amidst lush alpine meadows, these natural wonders add an element of grandeur to any maternity shoot.


8. Maternity Milk Bath Shoot

In the Maternity Milk Bath Shoot, expectant mothers can immerse themselves in a serene and ethereal setting. The milk bath creates a soft, dreamy effect while showcasing the beauty of pregnancy. Adding slices of fresh fruit adds a touch of vibrancy and color to create stunning visuals that capture this special moment in time.

The Maternity Milk Bath Shoot is all about capturing the natural beauty of motherhood. With flower petals floating on the milky water’s surface and flickering candles creating an intimate ambiance, these photos radiate warmth and tranquility. It’s a unique way to celebrate pregnancy while creating breathtaking images that will be cherished for years to come.

Flower petals and candles

Flower petals and candles can add a touch of romance and elegance to your maternity photo shoot. Scatter rose petals around the mother-to-be and strategically place candles for a soft, warm glow. This simple yet beautiful setup creates a dreamy atmosphere that highlights the beauty of pregnancy.

Floating flowers

Create a dreamy atmosphere by incorporating floating flowers into your maternity photo shoot. You can use large flower petals or small blooms to add a touch of elegance and whimsy to your images. Experiment with different colors and types of flowers to find the perfect combination that complements your style.

Enhance the ethereal beauty of your maternity photoshoot with the addition of floating flowers. Whether you choose delicate blossoms or vibrant petals, this simple yet stunning element will create a sense of enchantment in every shot. Play around with different arrangements and angles to capture the full allure of these floating floral accents.

Milk bath with fruit slices

Enhance your maternity photo shoot with a luxurious milk bath adorned with vibrant fruit slices. This unique concept adds a refreshing and natural touch to your photos, creating beautiful and memorable moments that capture the essence of motherhood. The combination of the creamy milk bath and colorful fruit slices creates an ethereal ambiance, allowing you to show off their baby bump in a creative way.

9. Maternity Photos with Siblings or Pets

Maternity photos with siblings or pets can add a playful and heartwarming touch to your photo shoot. Capture the bond between your client’s children by having them interact naturally, whether it’s sharing a tender moment or playing together. Including their furry friends in the pictures can create adorable and memorable moments that showcase the love and connection within their growing family. There are endless options for maternity photo shoot ideas that include siblings, family, or pets.

Family pet inclusion

Capture the love and connection between expecting parents and their furry family member with a maternity photo shoot that includes pets. Incorporate their beloved pet into the photos to make them more personal and heartwarming.

Key points/ideas:

  • Dress up your pet in a cute outfit or accessory that complements the theme of the photo shoot.
  • Position yourselves in a way that showcases both human and animal bonds, such as snuggling together or sharing a gentle embrace.
  • Use props like baby shoes or ultrasound images to symbolize the upcoming addition to your family.
  • Choose an outdoor location where your pet feels comfortable, allowing for natural interactions and candid moments.

Remember, including your furry friend adds an extra layer of warmth and joy to your maternity photos, creating lasting memories for years to come.

Older sibling interaction

Capturing the bond between an expectant mother and her older child adds depth and emotion to maternity photos. Encourage natural interactions, such as gentle hugs or sweet whispers, to showcase their relationship in a genuine way. Incorporating props like baby shoes or ultrasound images can also symbolize the anticipation of welcoming a new family member.

couples portrait by iris and lace photography

10. Boudoir Maternity Photo Shoot

Boudoir might not be the first thought when you think of maternity photo shoot ideas. However, a boudoir-style maternity photoshoot can capture the beauty and sensuality of pregnancy. This style is about celebrating the female form in a more intimate and romantic way, with soft lighting to highlight curves and textures. Here are some simple yet creative ideas for incorporating this style into your maternity shoot:

  • Use sheer fabrics or lingerie to show off the bump
  • Pose on a chaise lounge or bed draped in delicate fabrics
  • Experiment with different angles, such as crossing legs while lying down
  • Incorporate flowers or botanicals for a feminine touch

Whether your clients want something cute and playful or more sultry, there’s no shortage of ways to make their boudoir-style maternity shoot unique and stunning.

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