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There’s a new wave taking over social media, and it’s video streaming. Yes, we’ve already seen how video has been integrated with Instagram. But going a step forward, is the uncensored, less curated live or immediate feed that is fast becoming popular with new platforms. Here are a few apps that are jumping on this trend:

  1. Periscope – You’ve heard us talk about this great tool before! We’ve been loving using Periscope to connect with the photography community. Being able to hop on and chat with your followers live has a very candid, raw feel. Whether you’re wanting to connect with other photographers or clients, it can help elevate your brand by giving a live look into how you work.
  2. Facebook Live – Similar to Periscope, Facebook live has begun to offer live streaming video. It gives people who already follow you a chance to jump in, leave comments, and watch you in action. The main benefit of Facebook is that not only do you already have followers and friends built up in the platform, but it can be easily shared and show up in the newsfeeds of related people.
  3. Snapchat – Snapchat isn’t exactly live like the previous two apps. However, the app offers minimal editing, fun filters and graphics to allow to add, and what you post is only up for 24 hours. You can also choose to share it on a public story or only send it to a designated list of people. So while it isn’t live per se, it’s still a more candid social app. It’s also more liberating as the poster because your content is only out in the universe for a day.

So what are some ideas for creating content for this new social media trend? You can use it for behind the scenes look a shoot, inside glimpse to new products or projects you’re working on, or show how you edit you images. This gives the chance for other photographers or clients to ask questions and be engaged with your brand. You could also use it to broadcast sneak peeks into conventions, presentations and conferences that others want to see and weren’t able to attend. You could share snippets of your daily life so that clients are more connected to you. Or even start a conversation on a hot topic to strike up a conversation with your viewers. The possibilities are endless!

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