New: Iris Works + Pic-Time Integration

NEW: Iris Works + Pic-Time Integration

We are excited to announce our latest partnership with Pic-Time! Our new partnership with Pic-Time allows you to connect your favorite photography CRM system with your gallery interface. 

Pic-Time Sampling

Pic-Time is an innovative platform to deliver, share, and sell your photos online. It offers a suite of creative and business tools to elevate your brand and maximize your revenue potential from each photoshoot. 

From beautiful Client & Art Galleries, Built-in Store, and Marketing Automation to Blogs and Slideshows – everything you need to grow the value of your images is in one place.

The Built-in store offers a wide variety of quality printed goods, beautifully presented with the clients’ favorite images.  Pic-Time offers over 25+ worldwide, high-quality labs that are integrated within the system for an automated process from order to print. 

How Our Integration Works

Once you have your Pic-Time account connected in Iris, you will be able to select an option to create your Pic-Time gallery when adding events or select this option on your booking calendar set ups. Once the event is created or someone books a session, the gallery will be created in Pic-Time for you for that client/session. 

We also recommend leveraging the variable for your client’s Pic-Time gallery in your email templates. To do so, when creating your email template, select the three dots in the toolbar, then choose Variables. Here you will see ‘Pic-Time Gallery Link’ as an option. Choose this variable to automatically populate the client’s Pic-Time gallery upon sending.

To learn more and get started, check out our FAQ page on how to set up your Pic-Time integration. You can also check out our quick tutorial below!

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