Advice from the Pros: Starting a Photography Business, Part 2

Last week we brought you the first part in our series – Advice from the Pros.

We had great feedback from our first post which makes us really excited to bring to you this week’s post. We asked our users what they wish they knew before starting their photography business – and the wisdom we received was too good not to share! And we recevied so much of it that we’ll be doing another post later this week with more advice!


Lauren Enright Photography

“I wish I had a better understanding and experience with Photoshop to bring editing to a new level…also how time consuming all of the admin items are and take away from the fun part of shooting.”

Eleventh Hour Goods

“Some people see price tags, not art. Don’t let it get to you. I remember one potential client asked about a session for a special event. I quoted my pricing and she said they couldn’t afford it at that time. My heart broke for them and this really weighed on me. I HATE the idea of someone not having photographs to pass along special memories to future generations. As the day approaches, I offered to stop by and take 2-3 pictures for free. Her response: “We already hired a less expensive photographer!” It hurt. I toughened up. And kept going.”


Halee Betzner Photography

“I wish I knew how to just balance everything better. I got overwhelmed quickly once my business took off. Making a workflow schedule and finding an assistant or program (like Iris)  to help with emailing and paperwork is key! I wish I knew to not take everything SO seriously and personal.”


Tumbling Sparrow Photography

“Honestly I just wish I had more time – time to experiment and play with different ideas & setups. I find myself playing a little catch up now but it is a very great feeling knowing that you are good enough and giving yourself creative control over your images.”


ENV Photography

“I wish I knew more about what it really feels like to be self-employed, worrying about where that next booking is coming from. How it feels to always think into the future to plan your life around wedding bookings. I wish I realized just how much of the job is marketing.”




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